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We offer a comprehensive data literacy programme.
To drive your organisation 
to the Nekst level.
To develop a compelling and effective data literacy program is a massive time consuming and often costly journey for most organisations to undertake.
In order to address challenges of this magnitude and urgency, it is advisable to team up with a specialist partner who already have the expertise, knowledge and the building blocks to ensure the successful rollout and value of such a program within your organisation. 

At Nekst we focus exclusively on data literacy and have an experienced and dedicated team providing solutions for your data literacy journey. We are uniquely positioned to be that partner that guides your organisation and walks the journey with you to data literacy success. 

Our 3 Phase approach consists of an Assessment, Implementation and Adoption program.

Phase 1: 
Online Assessment 

The online assessment will provide a clear understanding of the current levels of data literacy across the organisation. All respondents will both be assessed at an individual and functional level within the organisation, to establish their level of data literacy. The output of the online assessment is a detailed data literacy report at individual, departmental and organisational level. This report also provides a roadmap with recommendations you can utilize to map out your organisation's data literacy journey. 
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    Phase 2: Data Literacy Training

    Our implementation is effective, innovative and fully certified

    Modern Online LMS

    Provides a central platform for the data literacy program, where learners can access content, have data literacy discussions and complete certification exams.

    Executive Workshops

    A forum for executives to build a strong data literacy foundation being facilitated by a data literacy champion.

    Modular Approach

    The Data Literacy Program is divided into specific modules that will be tailored made based on the outcome of the data literacy assessment for each skill level. Modular implementation options vary from face to face classroom sessions to online learning content to hands-on practical worksho...


    We believe that people learn better through competition and therefore run the program with elements of Gamification. This promotes healthy competition between individuals, teams and departments and it gives them the opportunity to celebrate and show progress.

    High Impact + Return

    The assessment report will highlight areas where immediate impact can be achieved by improving data literacy skill levels.


    The outcomes are tested and measured, progress is rewarded with online achievement certificates at each level and ultimately resulting in a Data Literacy Certification.

    Phase 3: 
    Data Literacy 
    Program Adoption 
    can enable your organisation to take ownership of the Data Literacy Program and foster and establish a culture of continuous data literacy improvement.   
    • Process workshops and consultation to onboard the entire organisation.

    • Subscription service to all the content of our online learning platform

    • Train the trainer options for you to champion and spread data literacy across the organisation

    • Online content to continuously stay up to date with data literacy advancements

    What's Nekst?
    Contact us to have a free data literacy consultation and introduction session. Let us help you assess the state of your organisations' data literacy levels and help you fast track your journey to a more Data literate organisation and improve your return on data investment.