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Your Partner in the Data Literacy Journey

We help organizations achieve better return on data investment by developing their Data Literacy.


What is data literacy?

It is the ability to read, work with, investigate and communicate using data.  It’s a critical skill for success in today’s data-driven world and one of the primary reasons why customers don’t achieve maximum return on their data and analytics investments.  Everyone in an organisation needs an appropriate level of Data Literacy to perform their function effectively.

For many in today’s digital economy, Data Literacy is as important as reading and writing, but we're facing a major skills gap globally. Nekst is on a mission to help individuals and organizations understand, analyze and use data with confidence by assisting organizations to become more data literate

The Data Literacy Challenge

In an era of Digital data transformation, the skills around working with data will be a core requirement to survive and thrive, yet we see a massive lack of basic data literacy skills across organisations. While trying to address the Data Literacy challenge organisations will face some of the following challenges.

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The Data Challenge

Volumes, complexity and velocity of data are expanding at an exponential rate with no indication of it slowing down. In this digital data transformation era, organisations are heavily dependant on data and insight in order to stay ahead of the pack and remain relevant in their industry. Merely understanding the importance and magnitude your data does not enable you to maximise the wealth of insights hidden within this data. You need Data Specific Skills across the organisation to overcome this challenge.

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The Skills Gap

According to Gartner, levels of data literacy vary significantly across an organisation and a recent international study indicates a mere 25% of individuals feel that they are data literate. 24% - Business Decision Makers; 32% C-level execs; 21% 16-24 years olds feel like they are data literate. Extremely low numbers considering we are in a data driven digital economy. However, 90% of these individuals agreed that data literacy would allow them to more effectively use data in making informed decisions. Majority of individuals were more than willing to invest the time and effort in improving their data skill level.
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Workforce Enablement

Organisations are realising that the more data literate their workforce, the greater the gains for the entire organisations. Hiring for Data literacy is challenging as resources are scares and expensive. Developing a compelling and effective data literacy program from scratch is a massive, time consuming and costly journey to undertake. For challenges of this magnitude and urgency, it is advisable to team up with a specialist partner. 

NEKST is exactly such a partner.  

How we help.

At Nekst, we focus exclusively on data literacy and have an experienced and dedicated team providing solutions for your data literacy journey. 
 We are uniquely positioned to be that partner that guides your organisation and walks the journey to data literacy success with you through our 3-phase approach. 

We take the time to understand your current data literacy level


Rollout of a customised data literacy programme


Enable our client to have continuous data literacy progress

The Data Literacy Report

"It is clear that we are facing a massive data literacy challenge and this needs to be addressed to close the massive skills gap essential to be competitive in the new economy. We predict that 80% of companies will initiate Data Literacy competency development by 2020"


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